Application for the Boma Prize for Africa is open to all 54 African countries

2024 Boma Prize for Africa Registration is Now Open

Step into the limelight of opportunity with the 2024 Boma Prize for Africa Contest! Are you a business owner or do you dream of building a business that changes the game in Africa? You’re in the right place!

The Boma Prize for Africa is more than just a competition – it’s a launchpad for innovative African entrepreneurs like YOU. We’re searching for passionate go-getters with ideas that can transform communities and inspire a brighter future.

To ensure a fair and comprehensive evaluation process, we have set forth the following eligibility criteria:

You must have completed the Boma Consult Entrepreneurial Certification Program (BCECP) and obtained a certificate.

You must currently have a small business and a business plan

Business or company must have been in existence for over a year and have an impact on the community

School Teams must be between 3 – 5 members. All students must be from the same university, with an additional option to have one, that can be from a different university. 

You must be at least 18 years of age to compete. 

Business owners and entrepreneurs can apply individually or as a group. Each individual or group member must be at least 18 years of age and groups must be between 3-5 members.

All applicants must strictly follow the rules for the video entries, to qualify for the contest.

Video Title – [Your Full Name] – E.g: (Tom Jerry- The Boma Prize for Africa Submission.

Record a two-minute elevator pitch of your business, social impact solution or innovative idea. 

Outline for the elevator pitch video (1. State your full name, country of origin, and the name of your project or idea. 2. Clearly describe your business, social impact solution, or innovative idea. 3. Explain the potential impact of your project on local communities, the environment, or the African continent as a whole)

Video Format – MP4 or MOV

Minimum Video Resolution – 720p

Face the Camera, be audible, and avoid background noise.

Videos must be shot in landscape and ensure good lighting and clear audio.

Use visual aids or demonstrations if they help explain your idea better.

Ensure to wear a corporate outfit in your video.

Videos exceeding the 2-minute limit or not adhering to the format and content guidelines will be disqualified.

All applicants must provide correct contact information (email address and phone number), for effective communication

All applicants must give consent for the use of any and all digital materials shared with the Boma Prize for Africa Organizing Team.

All participants are welcomed to attend the semi-finals and finals with no more than two supporters or well wishers respectively.

Registration is FREE

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A key criterion is the Boma Consult Entrepreneurial Certification Program (BEP), only applicants with a BEP certificate will be considered for the Boma Prize for Africa competition. 

2024 Application for the Boma Prize for Africa is Now Open

Our yearly competition challenges small businesses, entrepreneurs, and startups to show the viability and scalability of their businesses.



There are two ways to join the Boma Prize for Africa! You can join as a team or as an individual.


Video Entries & Voting Rounds

Participants will be required to pitch the businesses, inventions, or innovative ideas through a short video. Only videos that amassed high votes will proceed to the semi-finals.



Participant videos who make It to the semi-finals will be contacted and scheduled for their live presentations in Abuja, Nigeria.


BPFA Accelerator

In August, our finalist teams consisting of both semi-finalist entries, local and international campus entries will connect with BPFA mentors. They will spend two months refining their business ideas and scalability, through virtual sessions. At the end of the accelerator, seven teams will be selected to pitch at the final event in Accra Ghana.



The finalist teams will connect with the Boma Prize team and plan logistics for their in-person final pitch. This is a live presentation in front of judges in Accra, Ghana. At the end of this presentation, the judges will decide on the winner.

Benefits to Participants

Embarking on the journey of the Boma Prize for Africa offers numerous benefits to its participants. Here’s what you stand to gain:

Global Recognition

Winners and finalists of the Boma Prize will receive widespread recognition for their work across multiple platforms, elevating their project’s visibility on an international stage.

Monetary Award

A substantial monetary prize will be awarded to the winners to further support and expand their projects, driving forward their initiatives and impact.

Professional Certifications

Participants will have the unique opportunity to earn Professional Certifications. These certifications are designed to recognize your skills, knowledge, and contributions to innovation and entrepreneurship.

Networking Opportunities

Participants will gain access to an exclusive network of industry leaders, potential investors, and fellow innovators across Africa and beyond. This network is invaluable for collaboration, mentorship, and future project development.

Media Exposure

Winners and notable participants will have the opportunity for media exposure through interviews, feature articles, and social media highlights, providing a platform to share their story and inspire others.

Community Impact

By addressing key issues in sustainable development, technology, and social entrepreneurship, participants contribute significantly to the betterment of communities across Africa, fostering a sense of accomplishment and purpose.

Access to Resources

Participants will have access to a variety of resources, including research materials, technological tools, and expert advice to aid in the development and scalability of their projects.

2024 Application for the Boma Prize for Africa is Now Open

Our yearly competition challenges small businesses, entrepreneurs, and startups to show the viability and scalability of their businesses.

Frequently Asked Questions


Q: Who is eligible to apply for the Boma Prize for Africa?

A: Eligibility is open to individuals who are at least 18 years old, and residing in Africa, provided their projects significantly benefit African communities. We welcome applications from innovators, entrepreneurs, individuals, and changemakers who focus on sustainable development, technological innovation, cultural preservation, social entrepreneurship, or educational advancement.

Q: What types of projects does the Boma Prize for Africa support?

   A: We support a wide range of projects that contribute to the advancement and well-being of African communities. This includes, but is not limited to, initiatives in sustainability, technology, education, health, cultural preservation, and social entrepreneurship. Projects should demonstrate innovation, impact, and scalability.

Q: How can I apply for the Boma Prize for Africa?

   A: To apply, please visit our application page [insert You will need to fill out the application form, submit a video presentation of your project, and provide any required supporting documents. Detailed instructions and submission guidelines are available on our website.

Q: Is there a fee to apply for the Boma Prize for Africa?

A: The Boma Prize for Africa is FREE, a key criterion to enter and compete is the Boma Consult Entrepreneurial Certification Program (BCECP), once you have this certificate, you can compete in the Boma Prize for Africa.

Q: How is the winner of the Boma Prize for Africa selected?

A: Winners are selected based on a set of criteria including innovation, impact, feasibility, scalability, and the potential for sustainable change. The selection process involves an initial review, shortlisting by a panel of experts, and potentially interviews or additional presentations.

Q: What benefits do winners of the Boma Prize for Africa receive?

   A: Winners receive a monetary award, global recognition, opportunities for networking and mentorship, media exposure, and access to valuable resources. Additionally, participating in the Boma Prize for Africa offers a platform for personal and professional growth.

Q: Can teams or organizations apply, or is it only for individuals?

 A: Both individuals and teams/organizations are eligible to apply. For team or organizational entries, please designate a primary contact person and provide details about the team members or organizational structure.

Q: What happens if my project is selected for the next round?

A: If your project is shortlisted, you will be contacted by our team for further assessment, which may include interviews, additional documentation, or a presentation. Detailed instructions will be provided at each stage of the process.