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Unlocking Potential Beyond the Prize

At the Boma Prize for Africa, we believe in fostering a rich ecosystem where innovative ideas and businesses can thrive, not just through accolades but also through tangible financial support and growth opportunities. The Boma Prize for Africa Investment Fund is a groundbreaking initiative designed to transform potential into success.


A Gateway to Investment: Participants in the Boma Prize for Africa now have an unprecedented opportunity to attract investment from global investors keen on innovative solutions and businesses emerging from Africa. By opting into the Boma Prize for Africa Investment Fund on the application registration form, participants open the door to a world of opportunities beyond the competition itself.

How It Works

  1. Opt-In: Participants indicate their interest in the Investment Fund during the application process.
  2. Showcase to Investors: Businesses that show promise, including but not limited to the prize winners, are showcased to a network of global investors.
  3. Negotiation and Investment: All negotiations between participants and investors are facilitated by the management of the Boma Prize Fund, ensuring fairness and strategic alignment.

Benefits for Participants

  1. Access to Capital: Secure financial backing to scale your business and bring your ideas to life.
  2. Global Exposure: Gain visibility among a network of esteemed global investors looking for the next big idea.
  3. Strategic Partnerships: Forge valuable connections that go beyond funding, including mentorship and market access.

For Investors

Investing in the Boma Prize for Africa Investment Fund means access to a curated selection of Africa’s most promising startups and businesses. It’s an opportunity to be part of groundbreaking innovations with the potential for significant social and economic impact.

Beyond the Prize

Winning the Boma Prize for Africa is just the beginning. The Investment Fund aims to support businesses and ideas with potential that didn’t win the prize, ensuring that innovation and excellence are rewarded and nurtured.

Opting Into the Investment Fund

To Opt in:

Interested participants can opt into the Investment Fund through the application registration form. Further details and guidelines on the process will be provided upon registration.

Contact Us

For more information about the Boma Prize for Africa Investment Fund, including inquiries on how to participate or invest, please contact us at

Opt into the Boma Prize for Africa Investment Fund

Unlocking Potential Beyond the Prize