Boma Prize Campus Directors

Become a Campus Director/Ambassador

The on-campus program serves as an opportunity for student entrepreneurs to participate in the Boma Prize Competition. Student Volunteers, known as campus directors, will organize and record a campus contest for students who own businesses and startups and university/college professors can serve as judges. The goal of every campus program is to advance a winning team straight to the finals, to represent their university in the next phase of the competition. Videos of this event, pictures and profiles of the judges as well as pictures, profiles, and video from the finalists of each campus contest must be submitted before the deadline, to qualify for direct entry into the final live presentation event.

Students can participate from any accredited university on the African Continent!

As a Campus Director, your role is crucial in orchestrating a successful campus contest. Your responsibilities will include:

  1. Coordinating with university authorities to organize the event.
  2. Promoting the contest to attract student entrepreneurs.
  3. Selecting and inviting university or college professors to serve as judges.
  4. Managing the logistics of the event – from planning to execution.
  5. Recording the contest proceedings, including capturing videos and photographs.

To be eligible for the role of a Campus Director, you should:

  1. Be currently enrolled in an accredited university on the African continent.
  2. Demonstrate leadership qualities and organizational skills.
  3. Have a passion for entrepreneurship and innovation.

As a Campus Director, you will gain:

  1. Leadership experience in organizing a significant event.
  2. Networking opportunities with entrepreneurs, professors, and fellow students.
  3. Recognition within your university and the broader Boma Prize community.

As a Campus Director, you will organize and lead a campus-level contest, identifying and nurturing innovative student businesses and startups. This program is your chance to bring the excitement and challenge of the Boma Prize to your university and to spotlight the talent within your academic community.

Campus Contest Overview

The campus contest is a mini-competition where student entrepreneurs pitch their business ideas or startups. The event should be structured to allow each participant to present their project to a panel of judges consisting of university/college professors.

Advancing to the Finals

The winning team from each campus contest will advance directly to the finals of the Boma Prize Competition, representing their university at this prestigious level. This is a unique opportunity to showcase the talent and innovation present in your institution.

Submission Requirements

To qualify for the final live presentation event, Campus Directors must submit:

  • Videos of the campus contest.
  • Photographs from the event.
  • Profiles of the participating judges and teams.

Ensure all submissions are in accordance with the provided guidelines and submitted before the set deadline.

Participation Criteria for Students

Student entrepreneurs from any accredited university on the African continent are eligible to participate. They must be currently enrolled and have a business idea or startup that aligns with the ethos of the Boma Prize for Africa Competition.

Application Process for Becoming a Campus Director

To apply for the role of Campus Director:

  1. Fill out the application form by clicking the button below
  2. Await confirmation and further instructions from our team.
Frequently Asked Questions

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Q; Do I need previous experience to be a Campus Director?

A: While previous experience is beneficial, it is not mandatory. We are looking for individuals with enthusiasm, organizational skills, and a commitment to innovation.

Q: Can I participate in the contest as a student entrepreneur if I am a Campus Director?

A: To maintain fairness, Campus Directors cannot participate as contestants in their own campus contests.

Think you have what it takes to become a Campus Director?

This initiative is a unique opportunity for student entrepreneurs and leaders to play a pivotal role in the Boma Prize for Africa Competition right from their university campus.