Join Us in Fostering African Innovation

The Boma Prize for Africa is a prestigious competition celebrating and nurturing innovation and entrepreneurship across the African continent. By becoming a donor, you will be directly contributing to the growth and success of Africa’s brightest minds, while also aligning your brand with values of innovation, social responsibility, and global connectivity.

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Why Donate to the Boma Prize for Africa?

Donating the Boma Prize for Africa is not just a philanthropic gesture; it’s an investment in the future of innovation and entrepreneurship. As a sponsor, you play a crucial role in:

  • Empowering Emerging Talent

    Your support helps uncover and nurture groundbreaking ideas that can transform communities.

  • Fulfilling Corporate Social Responsibility

    Align your brand with a cause that supports sustainable development and innovation.

  • Gaining Visibility and Brand Recognition

    Benefit from extensive exposure across various platforms, including events, media, and digital channels.

Custom Donation Opportunity

This unique opportunity allows you to directly support specific aspects of the Boma Prize for Africa that resonate most with you with any amount. Whether you’re passionate about nurturing emerging talent, enhancing technological innovation, or fostering sustainable development, your customized contribution ensures that your donation goes exactly where you want it to. Together, we can create a bespoke impact that aligns with your vision for a brighter African future.

At the Boma Prize for Africa, we recognize that support comes in many forms and your in-kind contributions are invaluable to our mission. This opportunity allows your organization or you personally to contribute specific products or services that are as pivotal as monetary donations. Whether it’s technology, professional services, venue spaces, or educational tools, your in-kind sponsorship directly empowers African innovators and entrepreneurs.

Other aspect your donations will support

  1. Event Venue
  2. Equipment Hiring
  3. Merchandise & Souvenirs
  4. Accommodations
  5. Logistics/Transportation
  6. Designs and Printing
  7. Digital Platform Development
  8. Sustainability Initiatives
  9. Entrepreneurial Workshops
  10. Technology Access
  11. Mentorship Programs
  12. Community Outreach
  13. Marketing & Promotion

For Wire Transfer:
Account name – Boma Prize for Africa
Account Number – 5532425643
Routing Number – 054000030

Donor Benefits


Every sponsorship level offers varying degrees of recognition, ensuring your brand is seen and appreciated by a wide audience.

Networking Opportunities

Connect with industry leaders, innovative entrepreneurs, and other donors.

Media and Publicity

Benefit from extensive media coverage and publicity across multiple channels, enhancing your brand’s visibility.

Contact for Sponsorship/Partnership Inquiries

For more information or to discuss your sponsorship/partnership please contact us at

Your support is instrumental in driving African innovation and entrepreneurship.